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We have made these almostGOLF bundles for Golf Educators, Everyday Golfers, and Familes who just want to have fun!  Browse through the options below to see which pack is right for you. 
EdPack1TN.gif Education Pack I
Education Pack I - Yellow 120 Balls, 3 Flags, 3 Targets, 5 Hitting Mats, 3 Shag Tubes
Price: $256.60
EdPack2TN.gif Education Pack II
Education Pack II - Yellow 120 Balls, 6 Flags, 6 Targets, 6 Hitting Mats, 3 Shag Tubes, 2 Carrying Bags
Price: $469.95
EdPack3TN.gif Education Pack III
Education Pack III - Yellow 240 Balls, 9 Flags, 9 Targets, 12 Hitting Mats, 3 Shag Tubes, 3 Carrying Bags
Price: $799.95
CampusTourPack.jpg Campus Tournament Pack
Campus Tournament Pack - Yellow 240 balls, 9 Flags, 9 Inflatables, 9 Hitting Mats, 3 Shag Tubes
Price: $739.95
EdPack2TN.gif CampPack II
Set up, Teach and Play 6 Holes of almostGOLF ANYWHERE
Price: $469.95
EdPack3TN.gif CampPack III
Includes everything you need to start a golf program in your camp.
Price: $799.95
EdPack3TN.gif CampPack IV
Get the camp interested in golf. Great fundraiser.
Price: $739.95
playanywherepack2.jpg Play Anywhere Pack

Play or practice anywhere - backyard, even floats in the pool with this 2 target pack.At this price you can purchase 3 packs and create a six hole course through your back yard. Have a party! Great for all ages and skill levels!
Special Price: $29.97
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